By agreeing the quotation for services you are agreeing the following terms and conditions.

  1. All quotations and estimates are without obligation and otherwise valid for 30 days.
  2. ArborAid reserves the right to withdraw this quotation prior to acceptance.
  3. Any significant amendments to the services described must be in writing and agreed by both parties.
  4. All services are carried out on payment terms of 7 days from the day of completion of services and can be made by cheque to: ArborAid.
  5. GST is excluded from prices unless otherwise stated.
  6. Damage to any underground services such as pipes or cables (water, power, telecom etc.) shall be the responsibility of the property owner unless the exact location of such services is supplied to ArborAid and subsequently agreed. The respective authorities provide location services.
  7. Quotations are based on the assumption that trees are free of hidden obstruction such as metal and stone. In the event of such obstructions, ArborAid reserves the right to amend the price accordingly. Where this is denied and work is not completed all safety issues around the work area return to the proprietor.
  8. Where stump grinding is specified it is carried out to a depth of approx. 150mm. Felling and grinding do not involve lateral roots unless otherwise agreed.
  9. All debris will be left on site unless otherwise stated. If saw and grinder shavings are to be removed specific notice will need to be made. Beyond this contractors will leave the work site clean and tidy.
  10. Any conservation / council restrictions or Tree Preservation Orders regarding trees specified in the estimate are the responsibility of the client to identify.
  11. The client is fully responsible for informing neighbours, co-owners and other stake holders regarding the relevant trees.
  12. On certain soil types tree removal or major pruning can result in building heave or subsidence. Management of this risk remains the responsibility of the client.
  13. The contractor reserve the right to delay or cancel works deemed to be hazardous, unlawful, compromised by unforeseen circumstances or otherwise contrary to best practice.
  14. The contractor will adhere to best practice but cannot guarantee a trees subsequent health and condition and will not be liable in this regard.
  15. ArborAid, it’s agents and contractors will take reasonable care to avoid damage to property, but will not be responsible or liable for such events on account of the unpredictability of work with trees and machinery.
  16. Firewood left on site will be unsplit rings unless otherwise agreed.
  17. It is the responsibility of the property owner to identify any protected trees on the property and gain the necessary consents unless otherwise specified in the contract.
  18. Investigation of Private Covenants and Boundaries shall be the responsibility of the Client. ArborAid will not be liable for any losses suffered due to breaches unless the exact location is supplied and subsequently agreed.
  19. All warranties and representations including those expressed or implied by law in respect of the services supplied are excluded to the extent permitted by law. ArborAid shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss of any kind. The total liability of ArborAid in relation to the services supplied is limited to refunding the price paid for the services.
  20. Where the services of ArborAid are acquired for business purposes the Consumer Guarantees Act shall not apply.
  21. Information provided to by tree owners and their representatives will be held and used by ArborAid, their agents and contractors in fulfilling its contractual obligations and offering future services.
  22. The customer will be liable for all costs incurred by ArborAid in the event of any unpaid accounts. Should any unpaid accounts be referred to our collection agency all additional costs including collection and legal costs will be payable by the customer.