Site Clearing in Bay of Islands

site clearing Bay of IslandsWhether you need your site cleared, or you just want to tuck a holiday bach under the puriri trees, ArborAid offer a range of services to help. We are a known consultancy service for pre-construction projects.

Arboriculture is all about living alongside trees, a necessity for many of our Northland residents who live in close proximity to native bush. Construction in and around these areas can adversely impact the surrounding environment. Stresses like root damage and suffocation, soil profile destruction and loss of soil organisms, and compaction weaken a tree’s defences. Once left vulnerable, these trees could be exposed to secondary attacks by insects and pathogens. If secondary attacks kill those trees, it also threatens the landscape’s foundational structure.

In order to avoid inadvertent destruction of our plantlife, ArborAid offer consulting services for those wishing to undertake construction projects in natural landscapes. Our consultations are free and easy to book in, and can accurately inform your construction project. Getting advice early can save time, money and valued tree resources – and get better results!

We also undertake basic earthworks and clearing activities. Clearing sites for homes, sheds, roads, tracks, fence lines and drainage are all within our scope. If you live north of Auckland and need a hand, just flick us an email and we’d be happy to help!