Hedge Trimming in Bay of Islands

hedge trimming Bay of IslandsThere’s no beating around the bush – we all love to drive past that one house on the street with perfectly pruned hedges. The thing is, with ArborAid, you could have those in your very own backyard!

The fascination between art and landscape dates back to the Neolithic Ages. Tapered trees in the Our history in topiary and hedges dates back to the Neolithic Ages, some 4000 to 6000 years ago. From the tall, tapered trees in Paradise gardens at the Taj Mahal to the fun Green Animals Topiary Garden in Portsmouth, we are fascinated by the ability to make art from nature. Hedges function as more than just rural fencing; they bring a sophistication reminiscent of gardens in Europe and the far east.

While city and country hedges change in shape and size, our interest in them does not.  The feeling of grandeur is the same, whether we crane our necks to see a 10-meter shelterbelt flanking an orange orchard, or the symmetry of a mop top in a botanical garden.

New Zealand is no different. The elegant sculptures in Bay of Islands and long, robust Kerikeri shelterbelts stand as testament to that.

There are a whole host of species common and well-suited to the Bay of Islands landscape. Hedges lend themselves well to aesthetic gardening, since they are usually perennial evergreen plants that produce dense, small foliage. Trimming regularly is a necessity, as hedges grow reasonably fast. We’re lucky in Bay of Islands to have thousands of hedging options available. Think of the hebe, manuka, English holly, lemonwood, Japanese bamboo, kohuhu, and karo. If you want to get even more practical use from your hedges, olive and feijoa trees are a perfect way to line along your landscape (and get a good crop out of it too!)

Another great thing about New Zealand hedges is their flexibility. Species can be pruned to almost whatever shape you like. Shapes and arrangement vary from formal to informal, depending on your taste. Sharp edged rectangles for example, are a much bolder look, as opposed to a more natural wall of greenery.

Hedges grow fast and can quickly impact other parts of your garden if left untended. If you don’t maintain your hedges, you could face mowing difficulties, incidental shading, increased water or nutrient loading and patchy lawns. All these factors undermine the clean cut look a hedge is intended to achieve.

Routine hedge trimming creates healthier, denser and better looking hedges. If you’re thinking about introducing hedges into your garden, think about its purpose. What look are you trying to achieve or what benefit does it have on the surrounding landscape? Think about the purpose of the hedge, the site in terms of soil, sun, available water, drainage, frosts etc. We offer free advice regarding what factors to consider in your area, so feel free to give us a call.

We also recommend visiting a reputable nursery – staff will know which species of plant will work best for your area and type of soil. We can’t emphasise enough how beneficial it is to spend a decent amount of time at this stage. Northland’s seasons and climate render quite a few species inappropriate for hedging in Bay of Islands. Natives often do better here. Appropriate selection and placement will save you money and time in the long run.

No matter the species, most green fingers will agree that hedge maintenance is a continual exercise in Northland’s warm, wet climate. If your hedge has become too wild or too tall or you just want some help, give us a call. From Kamo to Tutukaka, Maunu to Matapouri, ArborAid Tree Services have the equipment and know-how to trim, prune and sculpt. We can even remove your hedges if need be.