Tree Care

There are a whole host of complicated factors that play into a tree’s health. Figuring out how to solve the problem of tree decay can be tricky, but we’ve found some common themes throughout the Northland region.

Northland is home to some debilitating plant pathogens, including the Phytophthora taxon Agathis (PTA), which is known to attacks kauri. ArborAid Tree Services maintain great relationships with New Zealand’s finest plant pathology labs in order to diagnose and offer advice regarding invasive pathogens.

A tree’s decay often starts with one devastating problem – this could be an earthquake or improper earthworks. Insect infestations and plant pathogen’s often take advantage of a tree’s weakened system. A tree’s health is also impacted by its age and surroundings (including soil and weather) as well as mechanical interference and the misuse of poisons or fertilisers. Soon enough, your trees are at risk on multiple levels with greater risk of decay and death.

ArborAid staff have lots of experience when it comes to maintaining a tree’s health. If you notice the health of your tree is concerning, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll send an experienced arborist to check. Our free consultation service is a simple step towards diagnosing and alleviating any potential problems.

Our arborists use some key areas to make observations about your tree’s health:

  • Support Systems: cable bracing and other supports are often a useful way to prop up split limbs, codominant stems or decayed unions, but it’s not always the right approach. Our arborists assess whether trimming might be a more sensible course of action.
  • Lightning Protection: lightning strikes can devastate trees. It’s obviously unsafe to have large trees growing near buildings without protection. If you have trees that require protection, ArborAid can make sure your trees don’t become lightning rods.
  • Spraying: chemicals and fertilisers such as insecticides, fungacides and folia feed can be detrimental to your tree if used incorrectly or improperly. ArborAid are proud to supply and apply natural solutions with utmost care for your tree. We’ll use synthetic options if necessary, but our priority is getting a safe solution for driving out insects and fungi to restore a plant’s nutrient supply.
  • Fertilisation: organic products are a great way to provide nutrition and fertiliser for your plants. However, you’ve got to look carefully at how certain types of fertiliser will affect the soil and your plants. More often than not, reading labels won’t offer the personalised and expert advice that our staff provide.

Whether you are in Bay of Islands, or wider parts of the Northland region, ArborAid Tree Services offer specialist advice to help you make informed decisions about the health and care of your plants.